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Do you want to short sale your home in Sacramento, California without hardship or stress? Leave it to us at My-Down Payment Assistance. We will get you the best possible deal for your property within a short time.


  1. Short sales in real estate have been in existence for a few years. It has come a long way to serve as an alternative for homebuyers who can no longer afford to keep mortgage payments or permanently purchase a home.
  2. A short sale allows home buyers to purchase a home for a certain duration. It is beneficial for sellers to go through short sales as it helps to avoid foreclosure.
  3. At Team Whigham ( Keller Williams ), our Sacramento short sale specialist Realtors offer help to homeowners in Sacramento that intend to short sale their property and avoid foreclosure. If you need our help, kindly reach out to us to discuss your deal.

Benefits of Short Sales

  • Quick Transaction

Short sales transactions are always swifter than otherwise. If you work with the right Sacramento short sale agent, a deal can be gotten for your home within a short period. My-Down Payment Assistance helps homeowners to do this quickly and bring relief to their hardship.

  • Avoid Foreclosure

As a homeowner, if you short sale your home, you avoid having your house foreclosed upon. This would help minimize the damage to your credit as a short sale has a much less negative effect on your credit than a foreclosure.

  • Leaseback Possibility

If you want to short sale your house as a result of hardship in coping with your mortgage payments, you can get the opportunity to stay in your home if you find an investor who is willing a structure a leaseback transaction. This is where our Sacramento short sale specialist Realtors at Team Whigham comes in. We will short sale your home quickly to bring relief to your hardship.   

Hire a Sacramento Short Sale Agent with Short Sale Experience

  • As a Sacramento homeowner that wants to quickly short sale their Sacramento home and still get the best possible deal for the transactions. It’s more than important to work with an experienced short sale agent in Sacramento.
  • An experienced Sacramento short sale agent who knows California real estate market quite well, can anticipate possible occurrence, and protect your interests is what you need.
  • Our professional Sacramento short sale Realtors at Team Whigham are more than willing to help Sacramento home sellers to short sale their homes in the best possible, quick, and thoughtful way.
  • Get in touch with us now to access your Sacramento short sale process.